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StatiSense is a data consulting firm with expertise in providing data services such as Analytics, Research, Reporting, Measurement & Evaluation, and Training to individuals, private organizations, and non-governmental organizations. We are a trusted analytics company with a brilliant team of analysts. We seek to inspire through knowledge that empowers our clients to create actionable strategies that drive positive results.
At StatiSense, we deploy statistical methodologies to collect, process, analyze, and report data in a simple and understandable manner.

We consult for businesses to better understand their customers, refine their business process, and provide tailored services to their growing base. For non-governmental organizations, we consult on evidence-based advocacy that helps reach their target audience and the evaluation of their interventions as well as provide justifications for their activities. As a socially responsible platform, we analyze national data and help citizens have a better understanding of Governance, the Economy, and provides facts that empower citizens to hold socioeconomic conversations and engage the government in evaluating their programs and interventions.


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We are Data

We are a quickly evolving Data Agency based in Lagos Nigeria, focused on making sense of data for a better decision. We offer entire solutions and full long-term technical support in these areas. We enjoy cooperating with ambitious startups and developing solid data frameworks and insights.

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